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Queensland Building and Construction Commission Reporting Changes

DLA Partners 800 Zillmere Road, Aspley

If you are a QBCC licence holder, the recent changes to Minimum Financial Requirements (MFR) will have a direct impact on you. We're holding an information session that will outline the changes that have taken effect from 1 January 2019 and what they mean to the various categories of licence holder. Join us for a […]


Cashflow Freedom

DLA Partners 800 Zillmere Road, Aspley

Poor cashflow is the number one reason businesses fail. Cashflow planning is best practice in any business and critical to survival and growth. Setting targets and monitoring your actual cashflow will enable you to respond & control changes in your business. Learning outcomes from this seminar: Understand key cashflow drivers Learn to plan for cashflow […]


Single Touch Payroll

DLA Partners 800 Zillmere Road, Aspley

Single touch payroll (STP) regulations may require you to make some changes. Automation or outsourcing will make compliance less of a time burden for your business. The STP legislation affects all employers by adding a new level of reporting obligations. Learn more about Single touch payroll and your next steps at this information session.


As a Director of small yet established business, I often receive invitations to attend seminars and conferences on “making your business better” – I treat most as money making exercises for the event organiser or a junket for the management team with little relevance to the basics and core of what makes a small business tick.

I attended the recent “7 Ways to Grow Your Business” via our accountants DLA Partners with a degree of scepticism, however Bradley delivered an informative overview of tips and thoughts in laymen’s language, with some really simple and yet very effective messages that can be implemented at the business.

Bradley, I chose to make some big changes and importantly, now collectively with the team beside me – running towards the one goal post!

Matthew Hodson – Managing Director | John Crawford Marine

Brad demonstrated high level of professionalism and understanding of the topic presented “Sale Ready Business”. The presentation material was well structured, and the walkthrough scenarios were clear and able to be linked back to the material presented. The team at DLA Partners were welcoming and I would highly recommend attendance at further events hosted by DLA Partners.

Abdul Chambal – Senior Manager | Robson Cotter Insolvency Group


We attended a ‘Sale Ready’ presentation at DLA in May. The information presented by Bradley Dean was very informative and we left knowing what we needed to do to improve our business to be sale ready. Our following complimentary meeting together with DLA Online Business Specialist, Neill Reilly proved to be very specific for our business and we have clear direction how we can maximise the sale value. Thanks guys.

Elaine and Graham Mergard | Hat Academy


I thought the Cashflow Freedom seminar was well organised and covered the topic well. It’s great to see how an experienced adviser is willing to run a free event to help educate business owners on topics which are critical to survival. The atmosphere was welcoming and friendly with enough DLA staff to add information in their particular field of expertise. As for the content, Brad delivered in an easy to understand format that was very on topic or growing businesses.

Gavin Dudley – Business Development Manager | Scottish Pacific