Debbie Reed

David Buchanan




Bachelor of Business
Chartered Accountant
Chartered Tax Adviser
Registered Tax Agent
RG146 Self Managed Superannuation Certificate


Annual participant in MS Brissie to the Bay and MS Moonlight Walk
Member of Urban Climb
Member of Hamilton Wheelers Cycling Club

About David…

David Buchanan is a professional and trusted adviser for high wealth individuals, family business owners, professional service providers, high income earning professionals and Australian subsidiaries of foreign entities.

Whilst their fields of endeavour range from mechanical and construction through to legal, medical, and beyond, all of David’s clients appreciate access to a proactive partner — one who unlocks opportunities and adds significant value to their professional and personal pursuits.

David enjoys indoor rock climbing, a pursuit that requires an aptitude for meticulous planning and preparation, risk mitigation and the navigation of challenging terrains. These are competencies that are also evident in the manner in which David helps his clients elevate their business plans.

An established senior business adviser, David’s prowess extends well beyond the ledger and encompasses strategic planning, financial reporting, systems and procedures, cost modelling, marketing and more.

David reviews each client’s position with an eye to the future. He initiates meaningful dialogues about the likely virtues and/or dangers of action and/or inaction. With access to a trusted network of aligned professionals and specialists, and drawing upon more than 25 years of accounting and business experience, David is the hub of the wheel whose insights are widely sought.

Indeed, enduring client relationships are the hallmark of his career. Perhaps this is why he is an ardent proponent of succession planning. David has successfully guided many clients through the challenges of exiting their businesses and entering retirement. At the opposite end of the spectrum, those embarking upon an acquisition turn to David to open up important discussions around long-term sustainability, longevity and profitability.

David enjoys working with clients through the entire lifecycle of their businesses. Known and respected as a skilful strategist, he excels at breaking complex tasks into incremental timelines that are responsive to client needs.

All this is based upon a sound and genuine value system expressed simply as: ‘Treat others as you would wish to be treated’. If David sounds grounded, it’s with good reason. His first professional appointment was with a North Queensland firm that specialised in agricultural work. His career became further established after a  move to Brisbane, courtesy of a senior management position within PricewaterhouseCoopers (formerly Coopers & Lybrand). After a nine-year tenure with the firm, David transitioned to DLA Partners in 2007.

Now a partner in DLA Partners, David feels privileged to be in a position where his experience and expertise are leveraged to support operators of both burgeoning businesses and more established enterprises, as well as ambitious individuals striving for personal and professional growth. He admits that in many ways his clients feel like friends — a telling admission from someone who not only helps chart their course but travels the journey right alongside them.


Married with two daughters, David acknowledges that his own upbringing helped shape his affinity with business operators. His parents ran their own business and he was witness to the hard work and determination it took to keep food on the table. A seven-day working week was not uncommon and David credits his mother, father and extended family with instilling in him an unwavering sense of service and commitment.

Away from the office, David keeps fit — indoor rock climbing of course — and also with regular bike rides and the occasional surf with family and friends. According to David, sun plus ocean plus sand are the perfect equation for relaxation.