Developing your business’s Covid-19 Prevention and Response Policy

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These are unprecedented times to be in business.

No doubt a lot of important and stressful things are occupying your mind right now. If you’re yet to develop your business’s Covid-19 Prevention and Response Policy to help minimise the impact of infection and isolation for your team and the wider community, we have a complimentary template available for you.

Our five-page template carefully considers the following key areas (amongst others):

1. A summary of what the Covid-19 virus is.
This includes clear information from the World Health Organisation about the origin and status of this virus, the symptoms, who is most vulnerable and how it spreads.

2. Information and web links to current travel recommendations and restrictions.
It’s important that you consider the implications for travel and stay up to date with the latest government recommendations.

3. Prevention strategies for at work, including important Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions (NPIs).
Strategies include when to self-isolate at home, coping with changes in daily operations, reduced physical interactions and increased cleaning measures to implement.

4. Prevention strategies you and your family can implement at home.
These range from simple common-sense measures, to being prepared in case you’re required to self-isolate and/or schools and other public spaces are closed.

5. Self-isolation guidelines.
These include making sure your team is prepared for potential self-isolation, as well as comprehensive do’s and don’ts if you’re required to self-isolate.

6. When and how to raise the alarm if you or a family member develop symptoms.
Including web links to important real-time government information and key phone numbers.

It’s also time to consider what unique NPIs you could document and implement in your business to help enforce social distancing at this time.

Examples include:

  • Couriers knocking on your door and stepping back 2m before asking if you’re happy for them to sign on your behalf
  • Taping a line and sign on the floor of your shop 2m away from the counter (and 2m behind that) and advising shop assistants to step back when a customer comes forward to input their payment details
  • Limiting how many people can be in your shop, café, office or tearoom at any one time

Contact us to request our complimentary five-page Covid-19 Prevention and Response Policy template as a comprehensive starting point.