Defining a great day’s work

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We all have those days where we leave work feeling like we haven’t achieved anything that day. Then there are the days when you absolutely nail your work and feel like you’ve accomplished everything.

While we can’t eliminate those bad days completely, we can apply principles to limit the number of bad days and ensure we achieve a great day’s work more often.

So, how can we create a work environment where more members of our team are nailing it each day?

1. Love what you do and stop doing what you don’t love.
You have choices in life and you’re not a victim. Which tasks do you loathe and keep putting off until the last minute? Who could do these tasks for you? Delegate, delegate, delegate. Find someone who enjoys those tasks – they’ll do a better job of them!

2. Set clear business goals and share them with your team regularly.
Nobody likes to fly blind. Sharing your goals with your team lets them align their own goals with your business goals and identify how they fit into the big picture for the business.

3. Develop Core Values.
A clear set of Core Values is the foundation for a great culture. When your team lives into your Core Values, you’re more likely to achieve your goals. Celebrate instances of your team members living into your Core Values at each team meeting.

4. Empower your team to do more.
Set targets and expectations and allow your team to come up with the best way to achieve them. Provide guidance and support where required, and celebrate the team’s success.

5. Set and measure KPIs.
KPIs measure how well you’re tracking towards your goals. These help the team to define what a great day’s work is for them. Achieving their KPIs lets them know they’re on track and have achieved a great day’s work. Measuring the right things helps create a positive mindset shift and helps to break bad habits.

If you need help delegating tasks, setting goals for your business, developing Core Values, empowering your team, or setting and measuring KPIs, get in touch. These are all things we can help you with.