Are your cloud solutions actually fixing the problem?

Every business has pain points that impact on performance. While a myriad of cloud-based solutions include products for bookkeeping, marketing, HR, stock control, wages and more, it’s important to consider if these solutions will actually fix the problem.

At DLA Partners, we consider cloud-based options from a different perspective. Our first question is not ‘What product do you need?’ but ‘What’s the problem?’

If you are considering cloud applications, please talk to us about how to implement an end-to-end business solution that will actually fix the problem.

But first, what is the cloud? The ‘cloud’ is an online platform offering a number of applications including accounting and business management systems, with the ability to access data and software at any time, in any location, on any device. You generally pay a regular subscription for instant access to the software you need including backups and automatic updates.

If only it were true that the cloud fixes everything!

Cloud applications can be powerful, but only when they are selected to target a problem that is clearly understood. For example, there is no point installing cloud-based accounting when the actual problem in your business is poor stock control.

But nothing changes if nothing changes. If you don’t take steps to fix inefficient processes or other issues within your business, you won’t have the time to focus on achieving your business goals and increasing your business value. You may also miss business opportunities through wasting time and resources on maintaining antiquated processes.

Using our end-to-end business solution approach, we work with you to first identify the actual problem(s) in your business before designing a solution. Guided by our five steps of Assess, Test, Implement, Review and Support, we may recommend a progression of achievable process improvements using appropriate cloud-based tools targeting the outcomes you require.

For the business owner, a properly formulated end-to-end solution should provide immediate positive results including efficiency gains with likely cost savings and greater control over business processes. This allows a sharper focus on business improvement activities using quality reports and real-time data generated by the system enhancements.

If you would like advice on whether a cloud-based solution is right for your business, please contact DLA Partners for an obligation-free discussion of cloud and other business solutions that may help. Please email or phone (07) 3863 9444.

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