David recently sat down with our GM and had a chat about his job and life in general.

So David, you’ve been in the accounting profession a long time, and you celebrated your 11th anniversary with DLA in November last year.  Can you tell me why do you do what you do?

I enjoy helping people by working with them collaboratively to achieve their goals – both in business and life. When they achieve their goals, however long that might take, I get a great deal of satisfaction from being part of their journey to success.


But you could have done this in many ways.  What made you choose accounting?

We had a family run business that spanned a number of generations. Watching my parents work with their accountant and doing the books each week just seemed to make sense. I could do the work we did but felt I was better with the numbers than the tools.


You must have received a good grounding in business from growing up in a family of business people.  What part of your job excites you the most?

Business and life has a lot of variety. In working with our clients and our teams I get to experience that variety which is challenging but very rewarding. You always have something new to think about.


I know that your family’s business was in Rockhampton, and it must have been a big jump to come to Brisbane.  How long have you been down here, and what would you be doing if you were not an accountant?

I was working with a small locally owned firm of 5 staff in Rocky from 1992 to May 1998 and took the chance to move to Coopers and Lybrand in Brisbane in May 1998. Just as they merged with Price Waterhouse so that was interesting.  PwC as it became had about 300 staff at the time.  I worked there until I came to DLA in November 2007, but if I wasn’t an accountant I would most likely be either working on the land in some way or as a motor vehicle mechanic. Following the family business as such.


In your downtime, what hobbies or sport do you enjoy?  What helps you to relax?

I’m one of three boys, so I was brought up in the outdoors, and love things like sports or camping. Cycling has been a passion for about 15 years as it is amazing just how much of an area you are living in you can see when on a bike. Surfing, camping, fishing and outdoors has always been a family passion and I have surfed for as long as I can remember (not very good but the water has a way of just cleansing the mind). Nothing quite beats nature. When combined with spending time with the family you really cannot beat that.


 This is all very ‘outdoorsy’.  Are there any other things you like to do with the family?

Although I don’t have a musical bone in my body, as a family I do appreciate the occasional musical or ballet.  I have two daughters who are very talented and my wife Paige has her own ballet school, so they make sure that I am immersed in some cultural pursuits as well. Nothing like asking a boy from the bush to sit and watch a ballet.


It sounds like you have a very busy life.  Do you get time to read, and if so, what book are you currently reading?

My daughters bought me a book for Christmas – A Discovery of Witches which is fun and the most recent Matthew Reilly novel is also a winner.


And what’s your favourite movie genre?

It used to be just action but as my daughters have grown up we are watching more supernatural (witches, vampires etc). A bit of make believe.


Favourite city in the world?

As someone who has not travelled a great deal outside Australia it is definitely Brisbane to start with. I have also enjoyed Melbourne on my travels there.  But I am looking forward to doing some travel once Paige and I retire (a long way to go yet) when we plan to travel through Europe.


Talking travel, where was your last holiday?

Paige and I celebrated our 18th Wedding anniversary recently and had a stay at the Sofitel Broadbeach which is always enjoyable. Especially as we take our teenage daughters with us, go to dinner, see a movie and spend time together.


And just to close off, tell me, who are your favourite people to hang out with?

Family – they get me. We have a close family and spend a lot of time together.