Why you need to take a break from your business

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Running your own business takes up most of your time, as an owner – and finding a window in your diary to take a break can be tricky.

But having a proper holiday away from the stresses and worries of the business can be incredibly beneficial – helping you to come back refreshed, rejuvenated and full of renewed vigour for your business idea and the future of your company.

Time to destress and relax

58% of entrepreneurs have suffered some form of mental health issue, according to research carried out by NatWest Bank. 41% had suffered from stress, 21% from anxiety and 19% from depression, underlining the intense pressure that some business owners, directors and entrepreneurs find themselves under.

Maintaining a positive work/life balance isn’t always easy, but regular breaks and holidays can play an important part in reducing stress. Rather than working so hard that you burn out, a break serves to let off steam and reduce the build-up of pressure.

To get the most from your work/life balance:

  • Schedule breaks and days off in your diary – by scheduling time off in your calendar, you make it clear to your workforce and executive team that this time is ‘out of bounds’ for meetings and work-related tasks, allowing you space to breathe.
  • Get away to a different location – a change of scenery is a good idea, whether it’s a staycation or a trip to somewhere more international and exotic. A new environment can help you to detach from your work brain and actually learn to relax.
  • Don’t take your work laptop – leave your computer at home and make sure that your phone is only there for emergency calls and truly urgent emails. Don’t spend the holiday checking your inbox or micromanaging your team from overseas.
  • Take time to think and cogitate – this is the perfect time to let your creative mind come into play and mull over bigger plans, new ideas and ask yourself what you really want from your business, your life and your work/life balance.
  • Make sure to rest! – above all else, make sure to turn off and get some much-needed rest. A tired, fatigued and stressed boss is not the best person to have at the helm of a company, so use your long weekend, or holiday to truly rest, relax and recuperate. You’ll feel the benefits once you’re back at your desk.

Talk to us about ways to destress your business

If you’re feeling under pressure and stressed, it’s important to look at ways of making your life easier as a business owner. We can help you reduce your financial workload, create a more efficient business model and plan out key dates to take holidays throughout the year.