Inspirational podcasts for lockdown

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Podcasts are often on our list of things to do, but for many business owners, there are often not enough hours in the day. The current crisis has prevented most from normal business activity. It is a stressful time. But it may provide an opportunity to think about where you want your business to head.

Are there opportunities you can grab when the restrictions are lifted? These podcasts might provide the inspiration for your business planning or just something interesting to listen to for your walk around the block.

Find them on the author’s website, Spotify or iTunes.

  1. TED Talks – super popular and there are thousands to choose from. Top picks include Simon Sinek and Brene Brown.
  2. Lewis Howes School of Greatness – Downloaded over 4 million times a month, hear interviews with world-class game changers in entrepreneurship, health, athletics, mindset, and relationships.
  3. The Bite-Size BizRoom – 15-minute podcasts with business advice you can easily action to grow your business.
  4. The Mike Dillard Podcast – Captivating interviews with inspiring leaders to help you fulfill your potential.
  5. The Happiness Lab – Surprising and inspiring stories based on the latest scientific research that will change the way you think about happiness. 6. Building a Storybrand__ – Donald Miller has helped thousands of businesses grow by getting them to clarify their marketing messages.
  6. How I Built This – Guy Raz dives into the stories behind some of the world’s best-known companies. Hear about innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists — and the movements they built.
  7. The Mindset Mentor – 10-20 minute podcasts designed to give small business owners a motivational boost.
  8. Goal Digger – A live workshop-style podcast to help businesspeople redefine success, chase bolder dreams and tackle their biggest goals.
  9. RISE – This is a series of bold conversations with business powerhouses and personal development leaders that offers real-life valuable takeaways.