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Times of crisis are defining moments for great leaders. Consider the contrasting results that different countries are experiencing with Covid-19, based on the approach their respective leaders have taken.

Great leadership is effectively guiding or influencing your team to work towards achieving your goals. Leadership is always on; there is no place to hide in a time of crisis.

Consider the four quadrants of great leadership:
1. Vision. Clarity of what you want, what the future looks like for the business and team, and how you’ll know when you’ve got there.
2. Energy. Leading by example, with positivity, to inspire and motivate the team to be the best they can.
3. Focus. Sharing the common purpose (why your business exists for your customers), setting clear expectations and defining what a great day’s work looks like for everyone on the team.
4. Empowerment. Providing constant feedback, training and support, and delegating effectively without abdicating responsibility.

Now consider the key responsibilities of a leader:
– Implementing the plan. What is your new plan and how will you ensure that everyone knows their role in making it happen?
– Providing a framework and structure for business improvement and innovation. A crisis is a time to reinvent, re-engineer, innovate, and adapt
– Monitoring performance against the plan. How will you make sure you stick to the plan, celebrate success, and take corrective action when things start to go pear-shaped?
– Motivating and inspiring the team. What meetings and other communication forums are needed to ensure that everyone on the team remains engaged and part of the bigger picture?
– Promoting a great business culture. What are the business’s Core Values and rules of engagement that can play to the strengths of the team and foster a supportive and fun environment?

With the above in mind, what leadership skills do you need to sharpen?

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“Anyone can lead when the plan is working. The best lead when the plan falls apart.” – Robin S. Sharma