Meet the Team – Neill Reilly

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Hi – and welcome to the first in our Meet the Team series. This is our opportunity to let you know that accountants do have a lot of fun in their lives, and it is your opportunity to get to know us better.

We are starting off with an interview with Neill Reilly, Associate Director.  If you want to know more about Neill’s qualifications to help you in your business, go to his LinkedIn page

But if you really want to know Neill as a person, read on……

Name: Neill Reilly

So Neill, let’s start off with the most obvious question.  Most of us know what an accountant does, but why do you do what you do?

Assisting clients achieve both personal and financial goals is rewarding. Seeing often years of hard work, planning and strategy create a great outcome is what makes all the time spent worthwhile.


Yes, but what made you choose accounting? There would be other ways of you assisting business people.  Why this path?

I was good at accounting and sports in high school, but figured I was better at accounting, so chose Commerce at UQ, and honestly just applied at the big accounting firms, one of them gave me a job and the rest is history.


Reading your CV shows that you’ve worked with a few big firms, but what part of your job excites you the most?

The constant change in technology, sometimes it’s also daunting, but generally it’s something I enjoy as it facilitates having real time conversations with clients. I have seen that it can really make a substantial improvement in their business, and their lives whether saving them time, money or just reducing stress.


What would you be doing if you were not an accountant?

If time (and money) was no object, I would probably be motor racing, something like Porsche Cup in Europe.


Wow.  OK there is a big difference between accounting and motor racing, so what hobbies do you enjoy?

Modifying and building performance street and track cars, weird for an accountant, but again it consists of numbers and planning. I have always enjoyed anything mechanical, it probably stems from helping my uncles and dad on cars and farm equipment, pulling it apart to see how things work, and then fixing it.  Ironically, I now see it in my son.


So you could have been a sports star if you had followed that path.  What sport do you watch? Rugby League, and definitely the Broncos, and also enjoy Union. And of course, if motor racing is on, then I am probably watching that as well.


So I know that accountants, like all professionals, have to keep up with their industry knowledge.  But on a broader spectrum, what book are you currently reading?

Start with Why, Simon Sinek


And when your’re not reading or watching sport, what’s your favourite movie genre?

Probably a split between comedy and action, it’s always good to have a laugh, and I don’t mind seeing things explode for effect.


What’s your favourite city in the world?

New York.  Lived there and loved it. It really is the city that never sleeps!


Where was your last holiday?

Hotham, Victoria, to take my son to see snow for the first time.


And finally, who are your favourite people to hang out with?

This would easily be my wife and family, and with our second child due soon I am sure that will be even more fun. I also really enjoy spending time with mates in relation to footy or cars, especially on our road trips to car and racing events in Australia and travelling with them overseas, always lends itself to great stories.