Payroll Updates – Minimum Wage, Super Increase and STP Finalisation Date

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Minimum Wage Increase – 1 July 2021

The national minimum wage increases on 1 July by 2.5% to $20.33 per hour (or $772.60 per week).

The minimum wage increase applies to employees if an award or national minimum wage defines their pay rate.

This year, the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) has implemented minimum wage increases to awards in a staggered approach. Most awards increase on 1 July; however, the Retail Award will increase from 1 September, and a few awards will increase on 1 November.

For full details of award increases, visit Fair Work Ombudsman Annual Wage Review 2021.

Changes to Casual Employment

The Fair Work Act has been amended to include a Casual Employment Information Statement (CEIS), a formal definition of casual employment, and a pathway for casual employees to become permanent employees. Employers must now provide the CEIS to all casual workers upon starting with the employer, along with the National Employment Standards and Fair Work Information Statement. Visit the FWO Casual Employment Information Statement webpage for details and to download the form for your employees. For more information about casual employment definition and the options for becoming a permanent employee, visit FWO Changes to Casual Employment to check if you have to offer permanent positions to your employees. 

Superannuation Increase from 1 July 2021

The superannuation guarantee statutory rate increases to 10% from 1 July. Your payroll software should automatically capture the changes, but check the rate is correct when you do your first pay runs in July. Review any agreements or annualised salary arrangements you have with employees that may be inclusive of superannuation.

Single Touch Payroll Finalisation

STP Finalisations and Payment Summaries are to be submitted/lodged with the ATO by Wednesday 14 July, however the ATO recognises the impact of Covid-19 on our community and if you need additional time you can complete your STP finalisation up until 31 July. Reportable FBT figures for the financial year need to be included in the EOY Payroll STP Finalisation or Payment Summaries submitted to the ATO.

Employers with a mixture of both closely held payees and arms-length employees, the due date for end-of-year STP finalisation for closely held payees is 30 September each year. All other employees are due 14 July each year 

Small employers (fewer than 19 employees) that only pay closely held payees have until the payee’s income tax return due date.

Review Your Payroll Systems

The start of the financial year is the best time to review your payroll setup, policies and costs. Talk to us if you need to implement payroll policies, review payroll costs or update your casual worker details. And we can help you get the STP finalisation done on time – getting it right the first time means your employees will have accurate information for their tax returns. We can also review your pay setup and make sure it’s right for the start of the new financial year.

This information does not constitute financial or legal advice and is for general information purposes only. Please contact DLA Partners for specific advice relating to your particular circumstances.