The importance of tax planning for directors

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Dividends and paying yourself as a director

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As the director in a limited company, dividend payments are the usual way for you to take money out of the company – and see a financial return on your investment into the company. Dividends are payments made to the company’s shareholders when the business has made a profit. What’s not re-invested into the company […]

Smart ways to ease yourself into retirement, pay less tax and boost your super

Two things first up: (1) If you want to (or have to) work past the age of 55, you need to read this article; or (2) If you know someone else who that applies to, please forward them this article or a link to it.

Managing receipts: 4 apps to make filing receipts quick and easy

They say only two things are certain in life: death and taxes. For a lot of people, there’s also a third certainty in life: the pain of keeping track of every receipt when it’s time to do the taxes. How many times has your bookkeeper or finance manager asked you for a receipt (that you […]