Key strategies for motivating employees

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Every business wants a team of inspired, engaged people working hard to achieve shared goals, but getting and keeping employees motivated can be tricky. Here are some key strategies for keeping people happy and focused on doing their best.

Unmasking liability: 6 signs that contractor is really your employee

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In many situations, hiring a contractor to get a particular job done makes perfect sense. It may require expertise or skills none of your employees has. You may only need someone for a short timeframe to clear a backlog of work. Or maybe you just want to avoid having to go through a formal recruitment […]

It Pays Off: 7 reasons business owners should pay themselves a salary

  Think back to the days before you started your business, when you were working for a boss. Chances are you were rewarded for your hard work with a regular salary. It may not have always been the same amount, but it came through like clockwork. And for the next week, month or however often […]

Contractor or employee? There’s a big difference

by Terry Edwards, Director If your business employs workers, your legal obligations towards them vary depending on whether they are an ‘employee’ or a ‘contractor’. Getting it wrong may result in penalties for the business, so it is well worth checking the working arrangements you have in place. If you are not meeting PAYGW, super, […]